Obligatory service for road users

Emergency road service is a service that every driver should have. It is offered by several players such as local county administration, hospital services, emergency response unit, auto dealers, free maintenance authority and insurance firms. Emergency road service is not a paid service. Every vehicle owner automatically becomes a member of the emergency road service the moment a new car is purchased.  

The emergency road service is offered at the national level through a grid. The speedway maintenance authority will be responsible for remotely monitoring the speedway using cameras. The moment a vehicle breaks down on the freeway, the personnel concerned will dispatch mobile repair squads to the spot. The repair squad will take the stranded vehicle out of the road area and try to repair it. If the vehicle cannot be repaired on the spot, it will be towed to the nearest garage. The stranded vehicle owner, driver and passengers will be taken to the nearest town.  

If there is a road accident, the emergency response unit will be triggered. The hurdles and the vehicles involved in the accident will be cleared from the speedway to ensure smooth movement of other vehicles. Those in need of medical attention will be evacuated immediately.