Ensuring hassle free journey

Auto road service is a very new concept aimed at ensuring a hassle free journey for vehicle drivers and passengers, especially those using the interstate. Long-distance travelers will benefit form the auto road service and subscription is recommended. The benefits from auto road service are multiple. The auto road service is offered by a number of national players. Contact the nearest auto dealer in the county for subscription details of auto road service. 
The assistance rendered under auto road service include setting right mechanical faults and engine failures of cars whenever they breakdown on freeways. Towing services are also provided. If the vehicle driver loses way while driving in an unfamiliar terrain, remote navigational assistance will also be provided under auto road service. Exit and entry points of the speedways will also be given over telephone or using other communication tools. Tracing the nearest gas station, motel, ATM, hotel, restaurant and mall are also part of auto road service. If vehicle owners are not keen on driving long distances, chauffeur services will also be provided. A vehicle owner can subscribe to auto road service by paying an annual fee. Hotel reservation checking and accommodation confirmation will also be carried out.