Driver assistance

Road service refers to driver assistance rendered to make the journey or travel hassle free. This service is aimed at making the life of a driver or an auto owner easy. Road service was initially offered by the local auto dealer as a goodwill gesture. This not only retained the customers for the auto dealer but attracted new clients. Some aspects of road service are offered for free. However, after the road service became popular among motorists, there are agencies independent of the auto dealer to offer this service. These agencies offer road service both at the national level and regional level.
Interstate travelers, who use the speedways and motor ways very often, opt for the national level road service. Under this service, help will be provided round the clock whenever the vehicle suffers a breakdown. Mobile repair squads deployed on the speedways will rush to the driver in distress. The squad members will attend to the mechanical or engine problem of the vehicle on the spot and rectify it. If the vehicle cannot be repaired on the spot, it will be towed to the nearest garage for a closer inspection. In the meantime, the driver and passengers of the car will be taken to the nearest town.