Assistance for car owners

Road service is a new service, aimed at providing assistance for car owners, irrespective of the location. Initially, the road service, encompassing vehicular breakdown assistance, was offered as a complementary service by many auto dealers to earn the goodwill of the customers. This also attracted many new customers. Over a period of time the road service became very popular because of the advantages it provides. Consequently, the road service became a paid service and a number of national players offer it on a countrywide basis with a network of operators. However, auto dealers continue to offer road service to their customers.

Under the road service, the vehicle’s repair and maintenance will be carried out at any place. If the vehicle breaks down on the speedway, car owners can seek assistance under road service. Mobile repair squads deployed on the speedways will be sent to assist the vehicle owners. If the vehicle cannot be repaired on the spot, it will be towed to the nearest garage for a careful inspection. Flat tire replacement, engine and horn tuning, replacement of faulty spare parts and delivery of fluids such as oils and lubricants are also carried out under road service. An annual fee is charged for road service.