Anytime help

Emergency road service is an obligatory service rendered by a local administration for many reasons. They include helping vehicle owners in distress on speedways, clearing the accidents on the freeway to ensure smooth movement of vehicular traffic and monitoring freewats. The emergency road service is offered in association with a number of other players such as freewats monitoring authority, emergency response services, medical and health services, county administration, health and vehicle insurance firms and transport department. Basically, it is meant to render anytime help to road users.

Every county will set up a cell to monitor the movement of the vehicles using video surveillance system. This runs round the clock and if there are and disturbances on the speedway, they will be reported to the authorities concerned. If there is a pile up of vehicles owing to an accident, the police department is activated. Immediately, the accident site is cleared to ensure smooth movement of vehicles. If there are any victims of accidents needing immediate medical attention, they will be airlifted to the nearest hospital. Similarly, if there are debris on the road such as mudslide or avalanche, they will be reported to the road maintenance authority to initiate necessary action.