Vehicle care

Road service consists of a host of services delivered to car drivers and owners whenever they are in distress or stranded on streets and freeways. This service is offered by the auto dealers in association with vehicle manufacturers. There are two types of road service. They include the complementary road service and paid road service. Both types of services are meant for vehicle care.

The complementary road service is a recent concept, introduced by auto dealers, to retain customers and attract more customers. Under this service, some assistance is not charged with fee while some others are. The services, which come for free include attending to vehicular problem and, fault detection. However, a prescribed fee will be levied to carry out the repairs.

The paid road service is offered by a third party in association with the auto dealer. The paid road service will have a nationwide presence and will attend to the problem in any part of the state. It operates through a common helpdesk. All that the vehicle owner has to do whenever in distress is call the telephone and register the complaint. The mobile repair squads will be dispatched to the driver’s aid. An annual subscription fee will be collected from car owners.