Road service program – Long distances, no more fear.


These days after any purchase is made, the customers are asked to fill out their personal details for later use. This comes in handy when after sales service is talked about. The customer just has to call and mention their name or bill number to enable the executive to pull out their database and track them down. Similarly, after the purchase of a car or any vehicle, the details are noted down by the dealer or manufacturer. Post purchase, the worries that come across the owners’ mind are all to do with maintenance and repairs that are likely to occur. To save from incurring repeated costs on repair, it is wise to enroll in a road service program.

The road service program is part of all the major car companies and even tire companies as at times the mechanics are called upon to replace flat tires, etc. They also are a life saver in case the owner forgets to fill gas or when the battery dies while in an isolated town. A phone call away, mechanics will come to refill gas and bring with them replacement for the battery as well. All this helps in saving time and avoids panic.