Rescuing the stranded passengers

Emergency road service is provided by a consortium consisting of road traffic maintenance cell, local transportation authority, county administration, health and transport departments, emergency services and local auto dealers. The main objective of emergency road service is to rescue stranded passengers in times of distress. The crisis could be on account of vehicle breakdown, road accidents, forest fires or natural disasters. However, if medical emergency is mandated, air lifting of the patients will also be carried out. 

The emergency road service is an obligatory service offered by the local administration without levying any fee on the stranded passengers. If it is a health related issue, the health insurance firm will take care of the situation. However, if the vehicle is stranded on the speedway on account of mechanical failure, then the road service offered by the auto dealer comes into the picture. The cost of the replacement of the spare parts or the repairs carried out will have be the responsibility of the car owner. Also, if the vehicle has lost its way on the freeway, it will be guided back to entry and exit points. The helpdesk of the emergency road service will also help the vehicle driver in locating the nearest gas station.