Register for driver friendly service

Road service is not a recent trend, and has been in practice ever since auto dealers launched various quality initiatives to retain the customers. These quality initiatives were also aimed at bringing more customers to the dealership. Road service is one such quality initiative, which is aimed at helping drivers in distress while on the speedway and at home. Register for driver friendly service offered by auto dealers since the benefits extended are multiple. 
A number of services and assistance is rendered as part of the road service. They include replacement of spare parts, repair and maintenance, delivery of fluids and oils, flat tire replacement assistance and driver guidance. Some auto dealers offer road service at no cost while some other dealers levy certain fee for some jobs. For instance, if the vehicle is stranded on a road on account of mechanical failure, the mobile repair squad will be sent to the spot. If the mobile squad fails to rectify the problem on the spot, the vehicle will be towed to the nearest workstation. There will be no fee for detection of the mechanical problem. However, towing charges will be collected from the car driver under the road service.