Driver friendly service

Road service is a special line of service launched by auto dealers in association with vehicle manufacturers to assist drivers in distress, especially when their vehicles break down on the speedways. Normally, all auto dealers have road service as a complementary service. However, it is recommended that vehicle owners, especially those driving frequently, subscribe to road service since it is driver friendly service.

Under road service, the assistance given include repair of engine, drive train, power train, replacement of faulty spare parts, jump starting, delivery of fluid and fuels and replacement of flat tires. Whenever vehicle owners experience a problem, all they have to do is call the road service provider. It will be relayed to the nearest mobile repair squad deployed on the freeway or where ever you are.. The mobile squad will come to the aid of the stranded drivers.
The mobile squad will try and resolve the problem on the spot. However, if the problem cannot be set right immediately, the vehicle will be towed to the nearest repair station. Inspection and diagnostics of the problem comes at no cost. However, separate fee is levied under road service for towing the vehicle. Under road service, locating the nearest gas station and motels is also provided.