Round the clock service

Emergency road service is a round the clock service provided by the local administration involving a number of players like auto dealers, manufacturers, hospitals, health department, county officials, transport department and medical evacuation services. All vehicle owners have to necessarily register for this service.

The registration for emergency road service is carried out by the local auto dealer. While purchasing a car, ensure that your name and the vehicle’s license number is registered under the emergency road service. As per rules in some US states, auto dealers cannot hand over the cars to the customers without registering for the emergency road service.

Some auto dealers also offer emergency road service as a complementary service to earn the goodwill of the customers. A minimum fee is charged by the service providers. Some auto warranty agencies also offer this service for free for the first two years. All kinds of assistance are rendered under the emergency road service.

Apart from routine services like attending to vehicular faults, additional services like emergency medical evacuation of stranded travelers, guiding drivers, who have lost their way on the speedway, entry and exit points to the motorway, hotel reservation checking and accommodation booking will also be carried out.