24/7 services for car owners

Emergency road service is a round-the-clock and 24/7 service offered to vehicle owners. In some counties, it is a complementary service offered by a consortium including local transport authorities, health department, auto dealers and traffic units. All kinds of assistance ranging from vehicle problems to emergency medical services.

The emergency road service works through a national network. It is mandatory for all vehicle owners to register for this service irrespective of the service provider. Before taking delivery of the vehicle from the dealer, make sure you fill the forms required for the emergency road service. If the dealer fails to offer the forms, remind him of the service.

While some aspects of the emergency road service are not charged, those relating to repair of the vehicle or towing it is available against a prescribed fee. Some auto warranty firms are also part of the emergency road service. Vehicle owners who have purchased warranty from such firms will automatically become subscribers to emergency road service.

It is obligatory on part of the local administration to run the emergency road service in their respective jurisdictional area. Some times, third party agencies are also involved in running the emergency road service program.