Round-the-clock service

Emergency road service refers to all kinds of assistance extended to vehicle owners in distress. This service is offered by many consisting of auto dealers, local administration, including transport, health and police department, vehicle manufacturers and auto warranty providers. This is an around-the-clock service provided for no cost to all vehicle drivers.

Whenever vehicle owners are in distress on freeways or highways, they have to call a common helpline and register the complaint. A mobile squad will be deployed to help the vehicle in distress. In case of road accidents, the emergency road service will be activated on its own by the local administration. Under such circumstances, no fee will be charged.

The emergency road service will be activated whenever a new vehicle is registered. The registration is carried out by the auto dealer. While taking the delivery of the new car from the showroom, make sure that the vehicle number is included in the nationwide emergency road service. For including the car in the nationwide emergency road service, new car buyers have to fill a form. Insist on this form before taking delivery of the car.
Always remember the helpline telephone number. Transport department suggests that vehicle owners display the helpline telephone number inside the car.