Road service for new and used vehicles

Road service is not the same for every type of vehicle.  The age of your vehicle and the type of vehicle that you have would influence the quality of road service that you may be able to qualify for, and even the service provider’s decision of whether or not you qualify for the road service in the first place. 

For the new vehicle, the most basic type of road service coverage is often good enough, simply because a new vehicle would be in the best possible condition and would hardly be likely to break down on its own.  On the other hand however, a used vehicle is one with a lot more risks and a higher probability of breakdown incidents or other incidents which may require road service assistance.

Generally, a road service package for the any car would carry such features as lockout assistance, breakdown assistance and towing facilities among others.  Owners of new vehicles however rarely ever find the need to invest in a road service package outside of their own warranty coverage.  This is because the new car warranty includes road service assistance which is honored by the vehicle manufacturer directly or by an independent provider authorized by the vehicle manufacturer.