Road service and the woman driver

It has to be agreed that even after years of demanding the best from all road service programs that road service continues to be the female driver’s most trusted companion on the roadways.  While any type of driver in fact stands to benefit from the reliable assurance of timely and great services by most all road service providers, it is indeed the only service that meets the needs of the female driver in its entirety.

This is quite simply because road service provides a multitude of benefits aimed specifically at the needs of the female driver in particular.  For example, how many men would admit that they cannot or would not prefer to change a tire for themselves?  How many men therefore would you think are willing to embrace one of the most basic features of any road service package – tire changing assistance?  The woman driver on the other hand would unabashedly admit that she is a novice at such feats, and would gladly accept help from any of the countless male drivers who would undoubtedly stop to offer their manly assistance to the damsel in distress.  This point therefore brings us on the toes of the final point that we wish to make about road service – it is a lot safer for the female driver than simply relying on the assistance of a stranger in the black of the night.

Posted on Friday, August 17th, 2007 at 11:10 am In Road Service  

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