Reliving the nightmare a night without emergency auto assistance

I learnt very early during my driving years that emergency auto assistance was very necessary if you were a driver covering large distances on the roadways.  As it related to my job, it was essential that I visit certain of my clients on certain days, and sometimes this required meeting at some very odd hours at very remote locations.  I remember however the day that the importance of emergency auto assistance was ingrained into my being.

Though I was young and still very much inexperienced as a driver, my own family had grown very much accustomed to my odd hours and therefore was not alarmed when I did not arrive home at a certain hour.  Because most of the times too I was in meetings with clients, they were very much aware that I would not take or make calls during these times.  So it was with much horror that I found myself stalled on the highway late at night in pouring rain and with no one home to answer my calls for help.  I understand now that the battery ran dead because I had pulled aside for almost two hours to let the rain ease up while I relaxed in the car and listened to music – the car simply would not start when I was ready to go again.