Obligatory duty

All vehicle owners and drivers are entitled to assistance from dealers and car manufacturers in times of trouble on freeways and roads. This service is called road service and the assistance covers mechanical and engine fault of the vehicle. Road service has now become an obligatory duty for the dealers. In fact, some dealers offer road service as a complementary service to attract more customers.

The road service is offered by the car dealer in association with the car manufacturer. The dealer has tie-ups with all car manufacturers for the road service. It works through a hotline service. Whenever vehicle owners are in distress on any road, they have to call the hotline and register the complaint. The grievance will be relayed to the nearest mobile squad deployed on the speedway. The mobile squad will rush to the vehicle owner’s aid.

Repair of the engine, resolving mechanical faults, flat tire replacement, fluid and fuel delivery, horn and engine tuning and vehicle towing assistance are part of the road service. However, extra charges will be levied for towing the car from the speedway to the nearest workshop. The road service provider will also lend an extra vehicle to the car drive in case he / she wants to continue the journey. Check out the offers at the dealers to register for this service.

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