More to emergency road service than meets the eye

I recently had a very interesting discussion with my brother-in-law regarding the benefits of emergency road service to the driver in general.  Apparently he, along with about ninety nine percent of the other male drivers out there, is of the distinct impression that emergency road service is only really beneficial to the female driver.  But I beg to disagree.

Emergency road service is indeed the female driver’s best companion on the roadways, most especially since it can prove to be her aid when it comes to getting into a locked car or changing a tire – and I admit at this point that even I still cannot change a flat tire nor can I tell a bolt from a nut in a car’s engine. 

But emergency road service should be more than just about changing a flat tire or getting into a locked car.  Emergency road service is also about the reassurance of support twenty four seven.  Not always will trouble warn you beforehand about what time of the day or night it will come knocking on your door, and not always either would you be in a position to find help in a timely or even convenient fashion.  But this is what emergency road service is about – the reassurance of help twenty four seven wherever you are.