Mandatory service for vehicles

Just like emergency service meant for car drivers and passengers in distress, there is a similar service meant for the vehicles. It is called emergency auto assistance. Under emergency auto assistance, vehicle dealers, in association with third party vendors and car manufacturers, provide repair and maintenance service whenever vehicles are stranded on freeways and highways.
This is mandatory service for vehicles. Before taking delivery of the car, make sure that you are registered for this service. Apart from car dealers, independent agencies also offer emergency auto assistance. It is up to the car dealer to choose between the auto dealer and independent agency for emergency auto assistance. It is better to opt for the emergency auto assistance offered by the auto dealer to begin with. One can always change to an independent agency in case the service delivered by the auto dealer is dissatisfactory.

The emergency auto assistance is available for a specified fee. The fee differs on the basis of services taken. The services delivered under emergency auto assistance includes repair and maintenance of the engine, drive train, power train, steering mechanism, engine and horn tuning, rectifying ignition problem, fluid and fuels delivery, driver guidance and flat tire assistance.