Everybody’s into Emergency Road Services Nowadays

Gone are the days when people had to be members of auto clubs in order to get emergency road services for themselves and their families. Most of us feel that subscription to an emergency road service is important for all vehicle owners and drivers, but then it is equally true that most people cringe when it comes to shelling out close to a hundred dollars for a service that is required twice an year or even less on an average.
Nowadays a number of companies are providing cheaper emergency road services, and the surprising part is that these firms are not road service firms either. The best bets for getting cheap or even gratis emergency road assistance are vehicle dealerships. A large number of manufacturers are throwing in free emergency services along with the rest of the package when you buy a new or even a used car. On the other hand, there are cell phone companies like Verizon that provide emergency roadside assistance at a cheap rate of $3 per month. There are also some phone companies that provide free emergency services to the users of some of their plans. Many insurance companies also offer their customers a combined package where emergency road services are included in the insurance plan.