Emergency road service

The emergency road service is a solution that is provided to attend emergency car breakdowns. This service can be obtained by paying a token amount of money which is charged as the membership fee. Once you get the membership with the emergency road service company, you are not charged for getting the faults repaired whenever your car has a problem, whether on the highway or in city traffic. The emergency road service is especially an aid to people who are old and cannot wait for long to get their cars mechanical faults corrected. 

Every member who has obtained a membership for the emergency road service is provided with a toll free number as well as a membership number. Whenever one needs to obtain the emergency road service, one can call up the toll free number and quote the membership number. The mechanics that are present at the different locations and sites are informed about your car’s problem through a wireless network, and they are immediately requested to attend to your problem and fix it. 

There are a number of services that the members are provided free of cost. For example, your batteries are charged for free and also you can get your vehicle towed to a particular distance for free.