Emergency auto service for your car

While most drivers can get along just fine without an emergency auto service, it is almost always essential for the driver with the used car.  This is primarily because the used car is more easily prone to sudden break downs or wear and tear damages – this as opposed to the new car which would only require servicing ever so often.  Investing in emergency auto assistance is good for the owner of the used car since one or two calls per month would more than easily cover the cost of the service in the first place.  Consider for example the amount of money that the owner of the used car would spend in an entire year on car maintenance compared to the cost of the emergency auto service for one year.
But do not think that just because your car is a new car that you would be exempt from the benefits or the need for emergency auto service.  On the contrary, even the new car will be in need of a tow truck ever so often.  And in fact, it is the person with the new car who most often finds himself in need of lockout assistance because they inadvertently locked themselves out of the car.