Emergency Assistance

Emergency auto assistance is one of the most basic amenities that any driver should have at all times on his or her person while driving.  It can be considered as that service which is the equivalent of auto insurance service, except that while you would count on your insurance service to provide you with a number of services and benefits in times of an accident, emergency auto assistance would provide the service benefits that you might need in times of vehicle trouble that does not include an insurance claim of any kind.

For example, you could have been caught in a flash flood and have your vehicle’s entire engine become flooded out.  You would immediately be stalled in flood waters knowing full well that your insurance does not cover damages outside of your basic fire, theft and accident coverage.  What then do you do?  You would need a tow truck to pull you out of the flood waters and to your preferred repair station – but do you just happen to have a tow truck number on hand?  This is where emergency auto assistance comes in – immediate assistance, no additional charge for the towing facility, and a toll free support number to contact for assistance at all times; these are only some of the benefits of emergency auto assistance.