Variety in road service programs


Most road service programs are available in a variety of packages that you can choose from instead of a single fixed roadside assistance options.  Almost all road service programs however require memberships with fees paid either monthly or upon registration or both.


You can choose a road service program that covers only your car in case of emergencies, or one that covers all the vehicles in your home.  Your road service program can cover only the vehicle owner (similar to insurance coverage) or it can cover your vehicle regardless of the person driving.  You may also choose to cover your vehicle within a specified radius, or choose a package that allows you to call for assistance even if you are out of state.  Some road service packages include discount services for its members at select merchants, or coupon packs that can be redeemed at specified locations.  Even membership discounts that are used as promotional incentives every time you renew your membership are offered with some road service programs. 


Road service programs can also be specifically tailored to meet the needs and requests of individuals who cannot find a single package deal to suit their own needs.