Roadside assistance program



If you want peace of mind during your road trip, then you should definitely consider getting the roadside assistance program. This will help you to get assistance at any given location or hour of the day.


These roadside assistance programs can be easily purchased from third party vendors. There are various companies that provide such roadside assistance program at a reasonable cost. However, the service is not restricted only to cars, but can also be extended to motorcycles, trailers, caravans and scooters. Even bikes and wheelchair can be part of this program. 


Road assistance program can also be purchased for a fleet of cars and is extremely beneficial for companies who operate fleets of cars and taxis. The service comes is not only as a comprehensive package but can also be customized for individual needs. A few of them are the battery service and flat tire service and towing facilities. The cost of buying such coverage varies from about $25.00 to $50.00 on basis of the type of coverage. The companies also provide fast service. The average response time is some where between 30 minutes and 45 minutes. So get your car enrolled into this program for a hassle free drive.