Road services and car warranties

Road service is an additional benefit that is usually gained on some auto warranty programs.  The features and the coverage of road service benefits would vary from dealer to dealer, and even among the different coverage types offered and purchased.  Some of the road service features of a car warranty program however include towing facilities, lockout benefits, and even rental provision or travel allowance.

Towing services are a common ground in almost all road service assistance programs.  It is however one of the final resorts of the road service team if the problem is one that cannot be dealt with on-site.  Lockout service is another benefit that most road services include, and it is more common than you would think for an individual to lock himself (or herself) out of the car.  The conventional approach to such a problem would have been to break a glass (which would set off your alarm and you may wind up at the police station for trying to steal your own car!) or try to find the number for the nearest locksmith who would be willing to assist you.  But now with the simple telephone call (usually toll free), a locksmith could be at your side in minutes.