Road service programs – should I or shouldn’t I?



Auto road service programs invest in your roadside security and that of your family’s by providing you with roadside assistance coverage should the need arise.  For the cost of a standard monthly charge and sometimes a one-time or annual registration fee, you gain full assistance rights and roadside coverage in the event of an accidental lockout from your car, if a tire blow-out occurs, or even if you need a tow truck service.  These are only a few of the roadside incidents covered by a road service program – the numbers and coverage type would be different from program to program.


On the other hand, how often would you lock yourself out of your car or run your car battery dead?  How often would you need a tow truck service?  Couldn’t you change a flat tire yourself – why pay someone else to do it?  Why invest in a program that you may not ever use?  In the event that you do ever need to cash in on roadside assistance from a road service program, would it be worth all the monthly fees that you paid, or could you simply take the money out of your pockets without feeling the bite?