Road service packages

As a new  female driver, I have to agree with the majority that road service is a driver’s best companion on the roadways.  Road service programs are offered in part with a number of other services such as vehicle insurance and vehicle warranties.  Road service programs also vary from state to state, and country to country.  Road service programs can even vary from dealer to dealer within the same city! 

While some providers offer road service packages that can be adjusted into tailored packages to meet the driver’s needs or demands, most are fixed into specific packages which are available on choice. 
Some road service packages would offer a comprehensive range of services to its customers for a premium price.  Others would include smaller package deals at economy prices that customers can choose from. 

Generally, a driver should think twice about taking a road service package based solely on its price – the cheapest package may be of no use whatsoever to the driver.  Even the most basic road service package should contain a toll free number that you can call for assistance, a twenty four hour assistance hotline, towing assistance and the basic range of shut down assistance such as battery jump starts, water and gas delivery, and even lockout assistance.  

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