Mandatory service

Road service refers to assistance rendered by car and vehicle dealers when the drivers or owners are in distress. According to local US law, all vehicle dealers should necessarily operate a road service. Though it is not a compulsory service, it is obligatory.
For instance, if a particular dealer is selling one brand of cars, he /she is supposed to operate road service as per the car manufacturer’s specification. It is used to rescue the car owner from distress. Imagine, a particular car or vehicle develops mechanical failure on the road, the car owner has no choice other than opting for road service offered by the company in association with the local dealer. The company mechanics typically have the expertise to repair it.

The road service is operated through a hotline telephone number. When ever the vehicle encounters a serious problem, the owner has to dial the hotline and leave a message and

the nature of the problem and the address. Over the next hour, the road service should come to your help.

Always register your number with the dealer to contact in case of emergencies. If the vehicle cannot be repaired on the spot, the dealer will tow it to the nearest shop. However, the owner has to bear the cost of repairs.