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Road service refers to assistance extended by dealers to vehicle and car owners at times of distress. It is an obligatory duty on part of the dealer to assist customers in distress, especially when they are stranded on freeways when the vehicle breaksdown.
Normally, the road service is offered by the dealer in association with the car manufacturer. A dealer might several multiple brands of cars. However, the dealer has to offer independent road service for each of these brands.
At the time of taking delivery of the car, insist on enrolling for the road service scheme. The road service package comes at a cost and there are various price brackets depending on the service sought by the car owner.
The road service encapsulates a whole range of services starting from repairs and maintenance of engine, power train, drive train, mechanical faults, replacement of faulty spare parts, replacement of flat tires, fluid and fuel delivery, jump staring, ignition related problems and headlight correction.
However, the car owner has to pay for the repairs executed by the road service team. Usually, road service operates through a hotline telephone number. Whenever vehicle owners are in distress, they have to call this hotline and help will be available in the next one hour.

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