Save Your Day, Jump Start Your Car

Have you ever experienced this before? You’ve had a hectic day at work and now your car won’t start, turns out that you left your head lights on which drained your battery. What a bad way to end the day huh? But wait relax a bit, your day isn’t ruined yet beause you use a jumper cable and get your car jump started.


First thing to do is to get both cars close to each other whether it’s side to side or facing each other the main point is to have both car’s battery as close as possible to each other. Set both car gears to park and turn off the car with charged battery and open the hood of both vehicles. Then get your jumper cables and attach the cables to both batteries according its polarity, one positive end to positive dead battery terminal and the other end to the positive charged battery terminal. For negative do the same.


Now you can try to start your car, remember to adjust the cables if it doesn’t start. After the car is running, remove the negative jumpers first then the positive ones. Now go and enjoy your day.


You can also save your day by using services of a roadside assistance program. These guys are always ready to help you in time of need.