Roadside assistance technologies



My roadside assistance coverage comes with state of the art technology, which utilizes GPS technology to track my every position.  So when I find myself in trouble or in need of roadside assistance, all I have to do is push a button to trigger my GPS alert.  Modern technology also allows the roadside assistance service provider to contact me in my car even without my cell phone.  How?  In addition to GPS tracking, my car is also fitted with wireless phone technology that allows the people at the service center to speak to me in the car.  By this method, they can get an idea of what the problem is before they arrive so that they would be better prepared to deal with the issue, or they can simply talk me through any minor glitches that I may have.  Now tell me if this isn’t the life to live!


Fortunately for me, and unfortunately for the mass majority out there, my car is a new car straight off the manufacturer’s line.  This means that this new technology would have been installed in my car by the time of its production allowing for a more convenient roadside assistance approach.  For the older cars though, even if brand new off the company’s shelves, this feature would most likely not have been available to them.