Road Service for my bike?

It sounded hilarious to me when I heard about this for the first time, but it is quite true – you can now buy road service for your bike!  The fact is road service assistance has been broadened in most recent times to include not only cars and other four-wheeled vehicles, but also motorbikes and even bicycles!


What exactly does road service assistance for bicycles mean?  As with auto coverage, bicycle coverage can be designed around the provider that offers the service.  Basically though, one would expect any bicycle coverage to revolve around tire blow-out coverage.  Even lockout coverage can be considered a viable road service option to enlist under the coverage policy.  After all, for a person who takes his bike seriously, all coverage is good coverage! 


Even you will be amused to know that each member of your family can be covered on bicycle assistance!  So the next time you take your bike out for a ride up on your favorite trail, remember that bicycle assistance is just a phone call away!  In fact, the next time you decide take your bike out on the trail; remember to cycle with the confidence and assurance of a man who knows that he is covered by his bicycle road service assistance program!