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Road service emergency refers to a particular kind of service delivered in case of emergency by registered by firms and agencies. This service is mandatory for all auto warranties extended to vehicles by the dealers.


Any auto warranty that does not include road service emergency is liable for punishment. So make sure at the time of purchasing an auto warranty for a brand new car or a used car that road service emergency is included in it. If not, insist for the service.


Under road service emergency, auto warranty firms have to undertake repair and maintenance of vehicles if they suffer breakdown on freeways. In case the vehicle cannot be repaired on the spot, it can to be towed to the nearest repair workshop. The firm will be responsible for transporting the owners to their destination or home.


The firm should also locate a nearby hotel if requested by the member. The auto warranty firms should establish a hotline to receive distress calls from all its customers in its area of jurisdiction.


If the vehicle owner is dissatisfied with the road service emergency, he / she have the right to change the auto warranty agency. That way they can register with firms that specialize in this category of service.


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