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Any car owner, especially those who often travel on freeways should enroll themselves for roadside service.


Road service refers to many types of assistance rendered by a private agency to the car owner in the event of a breakdown or mechanical failure on the road. There are a number of agencies that specialize in this service. It is easy to locate such services since the companies have connections with car dealers, including used car sellers.


There are many advantages of opting for a road service contract. If the car breaks down, call the hotline of the road service provider. A team of mechanics will arrive shortly and check the vehicle for defects. If the mechanical failure can be repaired on the spot, it will be done. However, if the team finds that the car can be repaired only at the workshop, it will be towed without levying any charges. This service is available around the clock.


Always opt for a reputed road service provider, particularly those recommended by the car dealers. Sometimes, the road service comes as part of an auto warranty package. So while purchasing an original auto warranty package or a used car auto warranty package, make sure road service is part of the service offered by the company.


Posted on Wednesday, June 13th, 2007 at 4:11 pm In Road Service  

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