Elementary service

Road service refers to all kinds of assistance and help provided by registered companies to car owners during their travel on road. 

The services range from fixing mechanical faults or engine failure, flat tire assistance, jump-starting, drive train, power train, steering system, engine knocking, fuel and fluid delivery and other services. In case, the company is not able to fix the problem on the spot, the vehicle will be towed to the nearest repair shop in the area. 

The vehicle owners will be recommended a place to stay in the nearest hotel until the repairs are completed. If the repair takes longer duration, the firm will ensure that there is no break in the trip by providing a rental vehicle to the car owner. It is always advisable to subscribe to road service. 

Auto warranty firms also engage in road service. They offer the same kinds of services as those of the independent firms. Therefore, while purchasing an auto warranty, check the offers. Make sure to select warranties, which come with road service. They may be expensive, but it is wise to bundle services into a single firm. 

On the contrary, if the car owner is unhappy with the road service rendered by the auto warranty firm, he / she has the freedom to change the service provider.