Drive safely this summer

People love going on road trips. With summer here, more and more people are getting to their vacation destination by car., one of the leading pioneers and one of the largest insurance agencies, which offer online services conclude summer is the most popular time for road trips.


According to the CEO of the, Dave Roush, July, august and September months witness the most number of accidents and this is the right time to insure the vehicle and safeguard you security. The summer driving season progresses with heavy traffic and the increased volume of cars and motorcycles enable many accidents from drunken driving and reckless driving.


To ensure safety while driving the shares some valuable tips.

  • Check the air pressure of your wheels
  • Oil levels should be checked before the road trip
  • All worn out parts oil filters should be regularly replaced and repaired
  • Many auto spares stores offer discounted auto parts avail them and keep them handy
  • Always follow the set speed limits on road
  • Planning your trip in advance and following the plan will ensure a better travel experience
  • Always equip your vehicle with first aid kit; roadside assistance kit and note down emergency numbers and most of all keep your identity handy.