A Protection for Your Investment, Your Car

People tend to either forget what they were saying or just think of it as nonsense when you speak to people in casual conversation, but sometimes on an occasion you kept it in mind and you glad you did it like what just happened to me.


I was at a car dealer closing a deal on my new car when a guy next to me starts a simple conversation of how nice my new car is and where would I park the car. After knowing where I’m going to keep it, on a parking spot near my home, he mentioned something that hasn’t crossed my mind before, a car cover. 


When I ask the dealer about this he speaks about investment protection, car cover would keep your car from elements, avoiding nicks and scratches, especially from other people if one is going to park the car outside. He mentioned that there are cars that need a custom cover such as a Sport Utility Vehicle, and you can find plenty of places that produce it. According to him with car cover you will have less wear and tear and keep the look of a new car longer so you could get better return on your investment once you decide to sell the car. Hearing this I’m glad that I kept the conversation in mind.

Posted on Wednesday, June 6th, 2007 at 2:17 pm In Road Service  

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