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Roadside assistance program refers to help rendered by independent third party service providers whenever vehicles are in distress.


It could be a mechanical failure or engine breakdown, and the firms engaged in roadside assistance programs will render the service for a prescribed fee. The fee varies depending on the service sought by the stranded car owner.


The roadside assistance program cover help in case of mechanical failure, engine breakdown, power train, drive train repairs, steering system inspection, brake mechanism check, flat tire assistance, vehicle towing, fluid and fuel delivery and replacement of faulty spare parts.


The roadside assistance program also covers cash delivery, ATM locator, hotel booking, tourist guidance and alternative transport arrangement.


Select an organization or firm specialized in roadside assistance program after considerable due diligence. A number of firms are registered on the Internet and the yellow pages of the local county. Make specific inquiries before finalizing the firm.


Review at least four firms engaged in roadside assistance programs before selection. The packages could vary from firm to firm. Look for the features closely. Prices are nonnegotiable, but features are. Therefore, insist for more features in the package.


Car owners can also select agencies specializing in roadside assistance program by reading magazines and journals that carry out their periodical evaluation.