A friend in need is a friend indeed. Just as we humans need a friend to laugh and cry with, similarly a car also needs a friend who can help it out when it gets into mechanical trouble. You must be wondering who can be such a friend of your car. Let’s unravel your suspense. We are talking about the emergency road service. It is a timely help provided by the car dealers at the time of emergency when your car gets stranded on the road and your home or office is unreachable from the spot of breakdown. These services are available 24 hour and round the year, even on the days of public holidays.

The services that you can get if you had emergency road program are flat tire change, urgent delivery of fuel and water, towing, roadside repairs, and lost key and lock out services.

The service providers give the subscribers a toll-free number that has to be called when you need help or has to call the company’s mechanic on the spot of breakdown. In addition, you can also avail other services, such as meals, rental car, and lodging.  They also offer emergency medical referral service in case of accident or sudden illness on the spot.