Make You Credit Card Pay For Roadside Assistance

Emergency roadside assistance is one thing that any regular driver cannot do without. When a roadside assistance company comes for help while you are stuck in the middle of night in pouring rain miles away from home with an engine problems, you can easily feel that the service is worth every penny that you pay them. However, wouldn’t it be better if you could make somebody else pay your roadside assistance company? Now you can, since more and more credit card companies are going for rewards that pay your Emergency Road Service.

American Express offers the Global Assist Plus program to the holders of its rewards credit cards,  which includes free road service if you’re more than 100 miles from home. The cards on which you get the Global Assist Program are the Rewards Green Card, the Preferred Rewards Green Card, Rewards Gold Card, Preferred Rewards Gold Card, and Rewards Plus Gold Card.

Jump starts, changing flat tires  and towing to the nearest professional repair facility, if it’s within 10 miles, are also included free of charge. For large families, the company offers a Driver’s Premiere program, where all the cars in the household are covered for as low as $85. This plan is perfect if you have multiple drivers in your household. It includes fuel delivery surcharge, changing flats, lockouts, jump starts and towing.