Fulfilling highway needs

Most of us do not give it a second thought that the roadside around our residential area is cleaner, greener and streamer or not. But the roadside maintenance corporation does. They thrive for maintaining the beauty of the road by planting beautiful plants and trees all around. Thus these roadside maintenance workers must be given a big hand for being there are decorating the roads for the passers by even in the heat of the summer or during the rainy seasons.

These roadside maintenance workers are contract workers. They are given daily work wages by the government. The areas where road side maintenance is in progress throughout the year are the highways. The major functions of these roadside maintenance teams include:
• The most important function of these teams is to provide safe and multi-use roadsides, so that people can easily walk along the roadside without any problem.
• These roadside maintenance programs are laid down to protect the environment and enhance our natural and built surroundings.
• Apart from that the beautiful roadside gives a very appealing and soothing experience to the passers by.
• These programs are also helpful for constructing sites around the roads like safe rest sides and benches around the roads to provide rest to the passers by.

Posted on Wednesday, April 25th, 2007 at 5:26 pm In Road Service  

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