Emergency Auto Assistance: Go Green or Pay Up in Canada


Well if you are a Canadian citizen who doesn’t take to going green naturally or easily, or willingly for that matter, your government has financial lessons that they want to impart to encourage you willing participation.

“The Canadian government’s new proposed budget includes both a $2,000 incentive for buying fuel efficient vehicles like hybrids and a $4,000 tax for purchasing less efficient models like SUVs. Unfortunately, the Detroit News article doesn’t specify how the budget determines what vehicles qualify for the fuel efficiency rebate and which get dinged with the heavy tax.”

There are loopholes and if you don’t mind a one year old HUMMER, they won’t hit you up for extra taxes on a used one. You can go south of the border or, if you are defiant and have the extra bucks, you can go ahead and buy the biggest SUV your green resistant heart can manage. Apparently, according to this report, you’d be in the minority with only 15,000 SUVs sold in Canada a year.