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four seasons whistler

If you want to visit the site chosen for the 2010 Olympics alpine and Nordic skiing events before the athletes do,or better yet, make your reservations now so that you can be part of the action, the Four Seasons Resort Whistler comes highly recommended as the lodging to make as your Olympics base of operations.

“Four Seasons Resort Whistler in Whistler, British Columbia, has been chosen as the site for nordic and alpine skiing events in the 2010 Winter Olympics. And with reason: many skiers from around the globe name Whistler/Blackcomb as their preferred playground. The spring, summer, and fall seasons bring golfers, fishermen, boaters, river rafters, bikers, hikers, bungee jumpers, wildlife watchers, zipliners, and an assortment of other outdoor enthusiasts.

The village is about a two-hour drive north from Vancouver, along the Sea-To-Sky Highway. Getting there is half the fun, as the road follows Howe Sound (a glacially-formed fjord) up to dramatic vistas of British Columbia’s Coastal Range and the eternal snows that cap their peaks. Expect driving delays during the next few years as the winding highway is upgraded to accommodate the crowds coming in 2010. Good train service also runs between Vancouver and Whistler.

The Four Seasons Resort Whistler is far enough away from village center for secluded serenity, yet close enough to get to by foot; some of the best ski slopes on the continent are right outside the door. The architecture is “rustic modern”– a brilliant blend of West Coast, European, and Asian influences, featuring natural local grey stone, artistically combined with polished woods. A stunning sculptured metal screen of delicate interwoven tree branches, reminiscent of the nearby forest, separates the small lobby (on the second floor) from the staircase down to the bistro/bar, shops, and meeting rooms. There’s ample indoor parking with valet service available.

Travelers doing business in the region find Four Seasons Resort Whistler a practical place to stay, but this is a resort, so most business visitors here are attending a conference or convention in the hotel meeting rooms.

With fireplaces everywhere, the hotel is a lovely hideaway for a honeymoon or other romantic interlude. The entire village and valley is popular with the young and the young-at-heart who love the variety outdoor activities and the lively social scene.

But the resort mostly attracts families who want an adventurous travel experience. The Four Seasons Resort Whistler Kids for All Seasons program gives ski and snowboard lessons for children and organizes evening activities so Mom and Pop can go out on the town. The Kids for All Seasons program also offers various activities and adventures for youngsters, such as canoeing down the River of Golden Dreams. And the hotel’s extensive Kids On The Go menu offers veggie sticks, cheese sandwiches and the Gummie Bears, among other kid-friendly menu items.”
from Mobil Travel Guide

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