Roadside Assistance: Testing The Limits Promotes Safer Driving

Driving Programs Allow Teens to Develop Safe Driving Skills

Among the millions of drivers, there are specific demographics that are more of a threat behind the wheel than others. Hazardous driving can be caused by inexperience, the likelihood for distraction, losing control, slow reflexes, and ignorance of a vehicle’s capabilities. Teenagers are widely considered prone to most of these threats to driving safety.

So what if driving instruction were raised a notch or two to challenge young teenage drivers to learn better maneuvering skills and hazardous conditions driving? Would it decrease the threat of inexperienced teen drivers taking the roads by storm?

That’s what Ford Motor Companies thinks and the premise behind a program that does exactly that. Ford puts teen drivers behind the wheel of one of their vehicles and allows the student to experience driving in various hazardous conditions, as well as the consequences of poor driving skills. Learning the effect of different driving reactions on a practice course is producing teen drivers that are actually more prepared for realistic driving conditions than many of the drivers on the roads.

Traffic accidents are among the leading cause of death to teenagers. Ford’s “Driving Skills for Life” program is a successful method of confronting a preventable source of fatality on the roadways.

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