Roadside Assistance: More Automotive Car Care for the Modern Driver

Revising Rules for Basic Vehicle Maintenance

Some of the unquestioned methods for being a careful car owner are, in fact, proven to be myths. The following are examples of old car care rules that deserve a second look.

Can a couple of pumps of the gas pedal before starting the engine really help in cold temperatures? Not for fuel-injected engines. If your car has difficulty starting in the cold, it most likely is not due to failure to pump the pedal.

Changing the oil in a car is more beneficial than drivers used to think. It’s been said that an oil change every couple of months or three thousand miles is really not necessary. Most mechanics would disagree with this theory – a fresh change of oil prevents build-up and renews oil additives.

There is a difference in tires. Vehicles that are driven in mild temperatures year-round may not need a lot of fuss over tires, but wintry conditions can be improved with certain tires built to increase traction on snowy, slushy roads.

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