Auto Roadside Assistance: Automotive Care For the Modern Driver

The Evolution of Basic Vehicle Maintenance

The automotive industry has undoubtedly brought vehicle construction and maintenance needs a considerable distance since our parent’s were hot-roding around during their high school years.

Some of the unquestioned methods for being a careful car owner are, in fact, proven to be myths. The following are examples of the practices of many vehicle owners that are either detrimental to the automobile or simply unnecessary.

  • Now that frigid temperatures have settled in across the United States, many car owners are starting their car’s engine several minutes before leaving every morning with the idea that running the engine produces better driving conditions for the car once it’s on the road. For newer vehicles and car fluids, the best way to warm up the car is to go ahead and drive.
  •  Concerned about restarting an engine when you make a quick stop somewhere? You can feel free to turn off the car for short waits because once an engine is warmed up, it takes next to nothing to restart it.
  • Do not rely on wiping down wiper blades with solvents. Replace them when they need it, repetitive wiping down with certain solutions harms the rubber material of the blades and at some point a wiper blade just needs to be respectfully retired.

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