Roadside Assistance: Roadside Service Still Trumps Satellite Technology

Roadside Assistance Serves as Back-Up for GPS Malfunction

A GPS system was a hot commodity over the recent holiday season. Shoppers both in store and online were bombarded by GPS advertisement and navigational system retailers were benefiting from the product’s climb to one of the top gift items. Automobiles are coming equipped with standard satellite maps and personal direction givers.

As popular as new technological devices are and as many drivers are assisted daily with satellite installments into their vehicles, these gadgets are capable of failing the hopelessly lost. Drivers can take a hint from stories like those documented on the linked article and invest not only in satellite navigation but also in roadside assistance services incase the dashboard driver has a malfunction. Roadside assistance offers the driver a person rather than a machine, and as modern as our world becomes there is simply no substitute for a human voice when the circumstance goes beyond or reveals a glitch in a technological substitute.

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