Auto Road Service | Night Driving Safety Tips

National Safety Council statistics state that traffic death rates are three times higher at night.

Did you know that your color recognition, your depth perception and your peripheral vision are all reduced when driving at night?  The good news is that many night time traffic accidents can be prevented with good preparation, optimal lighting conditions and awareness of certain hazards.

  • Avoid smoking when you drive. A little known fact is that nicotine and carbon dioxide affect the body in a way that hampers night vision.
  • Keep all your lights cleared of dirt and debris, not just your headlights.
  • Make sure you can stop within the lighted area on the road in front of you.
  • Don’t be shy about turing on your headlights early. Whether it’s from a concern that other drivers see you, or that you can see other drivers, feel free to turn on your lights as early as twilight.
  • Make sure your windows and mirrors are clear before you drive.
  • Slow down and leave more space between you and other cars to compensate for having less visibility at night.
  • Check to see if your headlights are aimed properly. Your headlights could be out of position for a number of reasons and you might never notice it if you didn’t check, and see the dramatic difference.


We’ll have more night drivinv satety tips in part two.

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