Auto Road Service | Five Occassions When Auto Road Service Makes a Great Gift

What’s a Better Gift Than Peace of Mind?

You might think that the gift of Auto Road Service would get you an odd look, to say the least. But there are actually circumstances or people where the gift of emergency road side assistance is actually quite appropriate.

  1. People who like practical gifts would love to get Auto Road Service.

    You know the folks I mean. They would rather have an ice scraper than a pair of earrings, or a pair of gloves or socks over an electronic gadget. Just make sure they’ve said that they like practical gifts.

  2. Anytime you’re personally buying someone a car, it’s a great way to introduce the bigger gift.

    Picture this. You got your wife her first hybrid and she has no idea. Christmas morning after all the kids have all their gifts, you slip her a small box. She opens it up and there’s a card in it with the Auto Road Service number on it. When she says, “Honey, why would I need Road Service. I don’t have a car, ” take her down the block to where you hid the car.

  3. Let’s say their first car is a gift from the family to a teenager, and everyone in the family gets them car-related stocking stuffers. It’s one of those things new drivers forget.
  4. Speaking of which, if you know someone whose car is prone to an occasional break-down, the gift of Auto Road Service as a stocking stuffer says, “I care”.
  5. If you have a close knit small business, packaged correctly it can be an appropriate gift, and it’s a bit more thoughtful than a calendar.